Compare features of SecureWinBox Enterprise and Standard version


  • Administrator passwords are often not strong enough
  • Same administor password is used for many/all workstations
  • A single leakage of the administrator password creates full access to many/all workstations
  • Changing passwords for many/all workstations in case of emergency is impossible
  • No control mechanism for administrator access to whatever workstation

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  • Unique passwords for every single Windows box
  • Passwords are changed automatically every single day
  • All attempts for passwords will be logged
  • Master password from CIO/security clerk protects whole system
  • Full support for all laptops and standalone PC´s

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Easy to deploy

  • No training, no long preperations needed
  • Server part is Java based and can run on Windows or Linux
  • Support for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • No connection between server and workstation required
  • Full installation in one day

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